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Termites are hidden pests that no one wants to have to deal with. They are an invasive species that can ruin the structure of your house, causing you to pay massive amounts of money to fix it. Even though termites are very small insects, they can cause damage on a large scale. If you think that you might be plagued by these tiny terrors, then give Tulsa Mosquito Control a call today. We can guarantee you that you and your household will be safer for contacting us and getting your house surveyed by a Tulsa termite pest control expert today.

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Termites are dangerous to the structure of a house. Termites eat wood and cause damage to the structure. But termites are not just a problem unique to wooden structures: they can also eat other foods such as grass, leaves, and forests. Termites have very powerful digestive enzymes that are able to digest whatever they feed on, including difficult-to-digest foods like wood. Enzymes act as catalysts for chemical reactions, so anything with an enzyme is capable of breaking down matter more quickly than without. The first sign of termite activity that most people notice, is the prolific amount of their fecal pellets. If you see this, then get in touch with us before significant damage is done, and we could help you save you loads of money towards potential repairs.


When it comes to surveying a household for termites, many companies will cost you money in damages and repairs as they search for termites. We at Tulsa Mosquito Control are here to make sure that you have less cost and damages to repair. We use the Sentricon® system to protect your house. The Sentricon® system is used in order to save you time and money. Your time is valuable to us and we want to make sure that none of it is spent on worrying about the cost of repairs made from trenching. We used this system because it does not require any trenching to be done, thus saving you time and money. The Sentricon® system is simply placed inside of your home, around three feet away from the exterior walls. Not only does this wonderful system protect your house against termites but it will also keep bats out as well as other bugs. The Sentricon® system is environmentally friendly and uses no chemicals or pesticides, as the active ingredient in the station is an insect growth regulator which prevents any reproduction of termites. By using this method we can help you save money on repairing damages done to your home.

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When it comes to facing the tiny terrors of termites, look no further than the Tulsa Mosquito Control. We are here for the Tulsa area to share our years of expertise in the Tulsa pest control industry. If you think you’re experiencing termites, give us a call and we’ll send one of our trusted team members out for a consultation today! Call us today at (918) 960-0777!