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Tulsa Mosquito and Bug Control For Your Home

Are you struggling with bugs in your yard? It’s a common and challenging problem, especially when the weather starts to warm up. Tulsa Mosquito Control is your local team of pest fighters. We take pride in taking great care of Tulsa’s yard and offering the best service around.


We offer fast and effective services that will help save your yard from infestations.

We use the industry’s leading equipment to create plans that will keep bugs out of your yard.


Pyrethrum is an effective bug killer while being one of the least harmful options.

From spraying your yard down with our natural pesticide to setting up our MistAway systems, we can help create the best plan for you.


Not only do we kill bugs, but we ensure that your property doesn’t have any ideal areas for nests of bugs.

Our mosquito and insect control and control spray keeps bugs away for months.

Tulsa Mosquito Control
Meet Our Team

How it all started

Our Tulsa pest control company is owned and operated by locals. We know Oklahoma’s yards and do everything we can to ensure yours is safe from disease-carrying bugs. Our team of experts has years of experience in safe pest control services for homes and properties, and we are ready to serve yours! If you’re looking for a trustworthy team to take care of your home or business’s bug problems without the use of harmful chemicals, give us a call today. Tulsa Mosquito Control spray and control is ready to help you take your yard back.

Safe for Home & Family

Tulsa’s Non-Toxic Pest Control Company

Bugs can make your yard uninviting and hard to enjoy. They can also ruin the aesthetic of your yard, eating through your garden and landscaping. However, many people are cautious about calling a pest control company for pest control services because they don’t want toxic chemicals sprayed right on the places where children or animals come outside to play. That’s why Tulsa Mosquito Control primarily uses pyrethrum in its mosquito mist systems.


Pyrethrum, a pest killer naturally found in chrysanthemum plants, is an effective bug killer while being one of the least harmful options for critters and kids running around. At Tulsa Mosquito Control, we care about keeping your family safe and your homes free of bugs. We offer safe products for your home and family, as well as friendly and efficient service.

Broken Arrow Spider Control
Pest Library

Pests We Treat

Tulsa Spider Control


Not only do mosquitoes bite and infest your home, but they also carry deadly diseases like West Nile and Zika virus. Our mosquito control spray and misting systems can help keep them at bay.

Spider Control in Tulsa


Cockroaches are carriers of harmful bacteria and are one of the most common sources of indoor allergens.

Tulsa Ant Control


Feeding off of food waste, garbage, and decaying matter, flies contaminate your home’s surfaces and are a nuisance.

Commercial Pest Control in Tulsa

Mud Daubers

Mud daubers construct their pipe-shaped nests on sides of homes but are generally harmless and easy to remove.

Tulsa Termite Control


Termites are abundant in Oklahoma, causing massive and costly destruction to your home if left untreated.

Termite Control in Tulsa


Commonly latching onto animals, ticks threaten the health of pets and are a risk for transmitting diseases to humans.

Tulsa Pest Control


Oklahoma is home to both harmless and dangerous spiders, some with bites that can cause serious painful reactions.

Pest Control in Tulsa


Fleas bite, itch, cause allergic reactions, are a well-known parasite carrier, and can be difficult to prevent infestations.




Are the chemicals safe for kids and pets?

At Tulsa Mosquito Control, we use a natural chemical found in nature to help rid your yard of bugs and pests. While we can’t claim it’s not toxic since it can stop infestations of bugs, it is safe for pets and kids. However, always follow our team’s detailed instructions for your unique situation and yard. 

What if I do not want any chemicals sprayed in my home?

Our team is passionate about finding the best pest control solution for you and your family. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call. We can help find the best option to keep your peace of mind while also getting rid of pests.

How long will it take to get rid of my infestation?

The length of our treatment and the time it will take for your yard to be clear of an infestation depends on a few factors, one being the type of bug. Some infestations may take regular treatments to ensure your house is free and clear of pests.

How often should I treat my home?

This is a great question! While we recommend that every home receive an annual treatment, it will depend upon the type of bugs, where you live, and more. While some homes require only a yearly service, others may need several during the summer. 

What does a treatment cost?

We aim to be an affordable option for Tulsa pest control. You can give our team a call and provide some information for a pest control service quote!

Do I have to sign a contract?

If you’re dealing with pests that are annoying and potentially even harmful, pest control can help your home. No one wants to constantly be bit by mosquitos when they step outside or deal with an indoor infestation of termites or gnats or more. Pest control services can help your home and family stay safe and happy.

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