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Are your yard and home disturbed by pesky mosquitos? We understand the intense frustration that comes with mosquito infestations. Not only are mosquitos annoying and painful, but they can also pose serious health concerns since their bites can transfer diseases. If your home and property have a mosquito infestation, please give us a call today! We offer families customized plans for getting mosquitos out of your yard and home. Our Tulsa Mosquito Control team can customize a plan to rid your home of mosquitos safely.

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Tulsa Mosquito Control Services

Tulsa Mosquito Control provides our community with customized solutions to bug problems. Our certified technicians are experts in removing bugs from your yard and keeping them gone. We offer fast and effective services that will help save your yard from months of infestations. Whether helping get rid of bugs now or offering preventative care, our team can help. We offer a variety of services for your home or business:

Barrier Sprays

We use naturally derived, plant-based chemicals to get rid of your pests.

MistAway® Systems

Automated smart misting system to keep mosquitos away from your yard all summer.


Proactive insect control for your important events including weddings and birthdays.


Pest control for businesses to ensure that your customers are safe and comfortable.


Take Back Your Yard

Mosquito Control For Your Home

When you have outside spaces that you love, you do not want to be at the mercy of mosquitos. From pools to hammocks, mosquitos can find their way anywhere. Thankfully, our team of experts can put an end to your mosquito infestation. We use the industry’s leading equipment to create plans that will keep bugs out of your yard and home.

Mosquito Barrier Sprays

Would you like to enjoy playing with your children in the backyard, swimming in the pool, or just grilling out with some family and friends? At Tulsa Mosquito Control, we offer a complete barrier spray system to control and eliminate mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects for up to 21 days per application. We provide barrier protection to residents throughout the metro area, including Sapulpa, Glenpool, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bartlesville, Grand Lake area, and much more!


Effective mosquito and insect control at an affordable price.

Tulsa Mosquito Spray
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With the rising concerns about mosquito and tick bites, Tulsa Mosquito Control barrier spray treatment gives you and your family excellent protection from harmful insects. Mosquitoes can be extremely dangerous and we’ve all seen and heard the reports of mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, and most recently Zika. The mosquito bite is no longer just an irritating itchy red spot, they can have serious consequences. The best way to avoid these diseases is to make sure you have the experts in mosquito and tick control in the Tulsa area.

How Mosquito Barrier Sprays Work

Applied by our Tulsa Mosquito Control specialists, the barrier spray is strategically administered throughout your property in places mosquitoes are likely to feed and breed. The barrier treatment is also effective on ticks and other types of biting insects. Here’s what you can expect from Tulsa Mosquito Control mosquito backpack barrier spray treatment protection:


  • State-of-the-art insecticide products
  • Trained Specialists inspect and apply treatments
  • Locate and eliminate breeding grounds of mosquitos
  • Kill mosquitoes and ticks on contact
  • Create a barrier control around your property that walls out mosquitoes and ticks
  • Round-the-clock protection for up to 21 days


Our experts will return every 3 weeks to reapply for the treatment throughout the season and will send a reminder when it’s time for us to return. We make it simple and easy to get season-long protection from mosquitoes and you don’t even have to be there when we come to treat your property. We’ll leave a note letting you know we’ve been there.

  • Backpack Mosquito Barrier Spray


Mosquito Misting System

Pest Control in Tulsa

One of the most popular options we offer to our customers is MistAway Systems, the leading manufacturer of residential mosquito misting systems. MistAway is an innovative automatic mosquito control system, offering a new solution to mosquito infestations that will help keep your yard and home free of mosquitos all summer.


When we say it’s one of the best mosquito control systems available, we mean it.

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Mosquito Control in Tulsa

Your customized mosquito control system will be outside, which means it will be exposed to harsh elements like rain, high temperatures, and more. However, the beauty of the MistAway System is its hardiness to these elements. These systems are built to be low maintenance despite being outdoors. Our MistAway Systems are durable and will last in your yard for years. Our team will always be available for additional care, but you’ll be able to have a carefree summer without the constant worry of mosquito bites.

How MistAway® Systems Work

Tulsa Mosquito Control’s MistAway Systems will automatically spray a fine mist of plant-based insecticide 2-3 times per day to kill and ward off mosquitos. This mist is sprayed through nozzles strategically installed around your yard. Once installed, you will hardly notice our automatic and low-maintenance system for keeping your yard bug-free. Our systems are one of the most reliable and long-lasting solutions to keeping your yard free of mosquitos without the use of toxic chemicals or regular upkeep.

Wireless Mosquito Control

Your MistAway System is a smart low-maintenance option that won’t disturb the aesthetics of your yard while getting rid of pesky bugs. Control your MistAway system easily with a remote or through the iMist app. With the touch of a button, you can enable a mosquito mist or quickly shut your mosquito spray off. You can also see the status of your system, including your last misting, the next scheduled mist, and the level of remaining concentrate. Our systems are designed to ensure you have to do the least amount of work while reaping a ton of pest-killing benefits.


Not only are our systems innovative, but they are safe for your family. We use insecticides derived from a natural compound, pyrethrum, found in chrysanthemum flowers. This compound kills pests like mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and more and is one of the least harmful options on the market today.

  • MistAway Mosquito Misting System

    Average price includes MistAway System, installation, full tank of concentrate, and 1 year full warranty.



Our Tulsa Mosquito and Insect Control Keeps Bugs Away for Months


When you choose Tulsa Mosquito Control as your pest control company, you’re choosing a team of dedicated and trained technicians. We know Oklahoma and its bugs. Our experienced team will customize a plan with you to ensure your pest control meets your needs. From spraying your yard down with our natural pesticide to setting up our MistAway systems and more, we can help create the best plan for your home. Not only do we kill bugs, but we ensure that your property doesn’t have any ideal areas for nests of bugs. We can help treat these areas to ensure your yard and home stay safe from bug infestations.


Schedule Your Customized Service Today!


Our team of technicians and experts can’t wait to help save your yard from mosquitoes and other pests. You can give us a call today to discuss your pest control needs. No matter what your pest situation is, our Tulsa Mosquito Control can help. With our industry-leading equipment and a team of dedicated professionals, we can help you get your yard back.

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