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Pests can and do show up any time of the year. Although the warmer months tend to draw out all sorts of bugs, your yard and home can have problems with pests no matter the season. If you’re looking for a pest control company to service your home or business, then give Tulsa Mosquito Control a call today.

Pest Control in Tulsa

Year-Round Pest Control

Many people think that bugs do not exist in the winter months, but each season can make your home vulnerable to all different kinds of pests. Make sure your home is protected year-round with Tulsa Mosquito Control’s quarterly pest control treatments backed by our satisfaction guarantee.


Spring means breeding season for many pests. This is when prevention is key to stop infestations from developing.

TOP THREATS: Ants, spiders, cockroaches, beetles, flies

Pest activity is high in the summer heat and humidity. Continue to secure your home with regular treatments.

TOP THREATS: Mosquitos, fleas, ticks, termites, flies, stinging insects

As the weather cools off, pests begin searching for warmth. We will protect and prepare your home's barrier.

TOP THREATS: Spiders, rodents, bed bugs, crickets, stink bugs

Treatments are still recommended as pests seek shelter, warmth, and moisture from the harsh winter weather.

TOP THREATS: Rodents, Wildlife, earwigs, spiders, cockroaches


Satisfaction Guaranteed

General Pest Control Services

Anyone who has lived in Oklahoma for an extended period knows that bugs abound here. From ants to mosquitos to beetles, there are plenty of pests in our Tulsa yards. If you need to get rid of insects and other unwanted pests, Tulsa Mosquito Control is ready to help. We will create a program that’s tailored to your needs, and that gives you immediate results. We offer a range of affordable pest management services.

General Pest Control

When you choose Tulsa Mosquito Control, you’ll receive a team of highly trained professionals who know Oklahoma pests better than anyone. We offer quarterly treatments for a variety of common pests including mosquitos, fleas, ticks, termites, roaches, flies, rodents, spiders, and more. Our team’s goal is to take care of Tulsa’s families by taking care of any pest problems. 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

No matter which pest control plan you have with us — termite, mosquito, lawn and outdoor, bed bug, rodent — your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re ever unsatisfied, our technicians will return at no charge until you are. We don’t ask you to sign long, complicated contracts, and we never charge you a cancellation fee. If you are not satisfied with our first pest control treatment, you can receive a full refund and cancel your services.

  • Quarterly Pest Control Treatment

    We guarantee our service inside your home during each quarter. If you are unsatisfied with your results, we will provide another treatment for free!

Broken Arrow Termite Control
Broken Arrow Mosquito Control

Flea & Tick Treatment

Flea and tick infestations often come from a pet dog or cat. The pests attach to the animal when it’s outside and then infest its fur and the places it sleeps indoors. Fleas and ticks can harm a dog and quickly invade the rest of the house. Flea and tick prevention for both the home and yard can be difficult. Without a proactive approach, any pet owner is vulnerable to an infestation. Give us a call today if you think your home might have a flea and tick problem, and let us provide the perfect solution!

  • Flea & Tick Treatment

  • Add-On

    Add our Flea & Tick Treatment to any other Tulsa Mosquito Control service.



Protection for You & Your Family

Our local team of pest control technicians has industry-leading training and equipment to service your home or business. We are passionate about always providing the best customer service paired with the latest pest control methods to protect your home and family best.

Complete Interior Coverage

Thorough treatment for every crack and crevice, including under appliances.

Complete Exterior Coverage

Outdoor pest treatment to protect your home and yard from unwanted colonies.

Free Quotes & Service Follow-Ups

Custom quote for every budget and no-cost treatment service follow ups.

Flexible Payment Options Made Easy

Affordable pest control options and flexible payment plans for every Tulsa homeowner.

Why Choose Tulsa Mosquito Control?

Excellent Customer Service

A Team of Certified Technicians Who Care

Locally-Owned Tulsa Company

Convenient Scheduling for You

Family & Pet Safe Options

Our team will meet with you to determine your pest control needs and provide you with a free home inspection. Tulsa Mosquito Pest Control is Tulsa’s local team of pest control technicians dedicated to serving you and your home or business.

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